Glow-in-the-Dark Medusa Enamel Pin
Glow-in-the-Dark Medusa Enamel Pin

Glow-in-the-Dark Medusa Enamel Pin

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Glow-in-the-dark hard-enamel pin
Black nickel finish
Two locking pin backs
1.5 inches wide


The queen is here! I'm sure you've heard about Medusa but have you heard about her story?

Medusa is a character in Greek Mythology, popular for her power to turn whoever makes eye contact with her into stone. Despite being a Gorgon, immortal creatures described being hideous, Medusa was mortal and beautiful. Poseidon was attracted to her beauty and admired her lush, curly locks.

Poseidon raped her.
In Athena's temple.
Needless to say, Athena was infuriated by this desecration.

Instead of cursing Medusa's attacker, Athena's response to this was to transform Medusa into a monster.
Her hair turned into coils of snakes and her gaze can turn men into stone.
She was beheaded by Perseus, a man remembered as a hero, who used her head as a weapon against other onlookers.

Some people read this story as a tale of male heroism. I found it to be about a woman who was demonized for the abuse done to her.
People could argue Athena's response. Was she jealous of Medusa's beauty and cursed her so that no one would be attracted to her ever again? Or did Athena grant Medusa the authority and power to protect herself from other attackers?

Regardless, two things are clear. Medusa is a symbol of feminine power. And anyone who displays female agency is a threat to male conquest.

Embrace your power, fellow women. We are powerful. Do not let anyone shame you for your audacity.